'Clay Spokes' Released!


Hey everyone, Son House the Second here to announce last week's release of the newest album from Mare's Nest Records, the self-titled debut LP from my band, Clay Spokes.

It consists of eight original songs that I believe showcase our breadth as songwriters and our musicianship as a group. Tyler Longest and I wrote the songs and sing lead vocals, which are supported by harmonies from our percussionist Rene Carrillo and our guest on this album, fiddler Daren Buchanan. Additional fiddle contributions come from the newest member of the band, David Adley, who joined about halfway through the recording process. Our sound and dynamism on the album is also greatly defined by Jon Barnes' slide guitar playing.

In all, it's a piece of work that we are proud of, and are excited to be putting out into the world. We believe that we have something unique to contribute to the Richmond music scene, and want this album to be our introduction to everyone who has not yet had a chance to see us live. 

Check it out and come out to a show! We are at Mint Gastropub on Main and Davis on first Sundays, and at lots of other venues in the area every weekend. Follow our Facebook page to get the latest. Listen to and download the album here or below. 



Upcoming Bistro shows



Greetings from the Richmond Nest!

Thank you, first of all, to everyone who helped make the first installment of our Sunday night show series at Carytown Bistro such a success this week. Jane Keir, Cole Sullivan, and Rivers Crude made some magic happen with their captivating, soulful music, and all of you out there came out and packed the Bistro with love and warmth to create the perfect atmosphere for it all. A huge thank you again to JR for hosting this show series and to Jesse and Emily for keeping everyone well-fed. We are hoping to have some recordings from the show up soon for all of you who want to re-live some of the beauty and for those who weren't able to make it out.

In the coming weeks, we have plenty more goodness lined up! We've had to make a last minute change to this Sunday's show, as Haints in the Holler have had to pull out and postpone their appearance until March 2nd. Taking their place this week will be our friends Well Dressed Beast, closing the night that Michael Howard and Dane Ferguson will get going with solo sets. 

On Feb 9th, we will welcome Justin Khoury of Richmond's The Northerners for a solo acoustic set, as well as a duet performance from Williamsburg ensemble Griff's Room Band and my own country-folk band Clay Spokes. All shows will start at 6pm and run until 8:30 or so. There is never a cover to get in. Check out the Facebook events below and share them with your friends. See you there!

https://www.facebook.com/events/428734997260123/      (Feb 2nd)

https://www.facebook.com/events/1402313553354224/  (Feb 9th)



Bistro Show for 1/26 Announced!


The first installment of Mare's Nest's Sundays at the Bistro will feature Vermont singer-songwriter Jane Keir, local songwriter and Mare's Nest co-founder Cole Sullivan, and Richmond band Rivers Crude. Check out what they do below and come on out on the 26th!

Jane Keir: http://www.reverbnation.com/janekeir

Cole Sullivan: http://maresnestrecords.com/cole_sullivan/

Rivers Crude: https://www.facebook.com/HototoRVA

Help spread the word through the Facebook event page


Mare's Nest at the Bistro


Son House the Second here, writing to share the news with everyone about a very exciting development in the growth of Mare's Nest. Starting on January 26th, we will be hosting a weekly showcase event at the Carytown Bistro in Richmond. Starting at 6pm each Sunday, we will put on shows that feature Mare's Nest artists as well as affiliated acts from RVA and beyond. Each event will be divided among two to four musicians or bands, and will total about two hours of music. All of this will happen in the warm atmosphere of the Bistro, which serves a range of fresh food, tea, local coffee, and local beer and wine. We're hoping that these showcases become a gathering point for the folk scene of the city, a place where people can come to see young talent perform original music, and a place to make new friends and meet neighbors.

We will be posting more information about the first of these showcases in the coming days, so stay tuned and mark January 26th on your calendars!


The Big Update


Well, here's the big news in a small package. We're all back in Virginia at long last after an "eventful" summer tour. We will likely post more on this later. To everyone who donated this spring, thank you so much! This helped us meet a staggering number of amazing folks up the east coast, and we might even get a chance to do another summer tour in 2014...

In the meantime, the important thing to know is that we're all kicking around Richmond and there are some great shows coming up, as well as a few new albums in the works for December and January.

You can follow us on facebook by clicking the handy button to your right ->

Hope to see you at Carytown Bistro on Dec 14th and Jan 4th!


Cross-pollinating with the Beehive in Machias, ME


As I'm writing this post, the Bees are on lunch break from some epic group meeting, bustling around the kitchen of their early 1900's mansion, surely seeking sustenance to fuel further deliberation and compromise. Momentarily, they will reconvene and I will sneak through the foyer to capture this photo:


Appleton Creamery!


Look at this gorgeous water.  This terrain looks like where we live. Are we still on Gurneyman Rd?  What was that?  Oh.  We must be close - I think I hear peafowl.



Are you going to Scarborough, Maine?


They are all slapping themselves and cursing under their breath save for one monk who serenely slakes the creatures thirst...


Burlington Shmurlington

We three kings of Amherst, MA

Hudson, NY


"Through an absurdly narrow door, tight spiral staircase, and lifting an unhinged lid we were able to climb on to..."


Ithaca - Home of the Finger Lakes and friends galore!


Greetings!  I will be doing my best to be expedient with my blog posting from now on.  I let it slip a little this week, but no more!  There’s a lot happening and I want to share it as often as I am able.  That being said, I’ll pick up from our departure to Ithaca, NY last weekend.


Spontaneous Family Reunion


"Apparently, to go hunting for this essential source of meat she was flown into the wild by bush plane and left in the wilderness for days at a time."


West Chester, PA loved us almost as much as we loved them. Almost.



Here we are with our gracious hosts, Darlington. That's Jack Shoudy, Emily McDonald, and Harmony Mooney. After our drive up from DC, we were greeted by the whole band with a round of hugs. It was like coming home! They were in the middle of...


Leaving the Farm for the First Show! A Delafiesta at The Beehive in Washington D.C.


We left Sullivan's Pond Farm mid-day June 17th with our bags mostly packed and the river at our backs. So many wonderful things have been happening there! We have garnered an abundance of inspiration while helping build and support my family's artisan goat dairy, all the while being supported to pursue our passions, in return.  It is with full and joyous hearts that we venture forth on our nationwide musical sabbatical.  Here we go!

                          •     •     •     •     •


We won!


Really. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. You helped make our inaugural tour a reality. We made a third of our goal, and that is enough, because we're daring and lucky.

Stay tuned.


Only eleven days left...


on our fundraiser, and we've earned less than a third of our goal. Uh oh!

Time to redouble our efforts and try for $1000 in ten days.


                                   Contribute Here


We're adding new tour dates daily, and will release a preliminary calendar this weekend.

Hope to see you on the road!


Indiegogo Campaign is Live, Goatstock Approaches


Our fundraiser has gone live and the contributions are pouring in! Thank you so much to our first six philanthropists. We have already reached a tenth of our goal. If we keep this pace we'll finish early!

With only five days left until Goatstock, it's all hands on deck at the farm. We're very excited to have friends and family out for an afternoon of crooning and lounging on the lawn.

Hope to see you there!


Kickstarter and Summer Tour 2013!


That's right, Mare's Nest Records is taking it on the road. When? This summer. Where? Your home.  We're planning a several month, cross-country jaunt to promote our label, meet lots of amazing new people, see our country firsthand, and play a ton of beautiful music. We are starting to line up dates, but there is still a lot of open possibility in our schedule. Care for a visit? Do you live in the US? Are you devoting your life to being a positive force in a world that sorely needs it? Get in touch, we want to meet you!

We have finished filming a video for our Kickstarter which we will be launching in mid-April. The venerable Jack Roebuck joined us for the weekend of filming, offering professional vision and direction. The video is in post-production, and it is clear that the finished product will leave viewers with no choice but empty their wallets and drop their trousers at a chance to support such avid young musicians. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list if you want to find out when big stuff like this is going on, as well where to come hear one or more of us playing live in your neighborhood.

Meanwhile, our barn studio which bears our namesake is under construction. If you are a small band or average sized individual, we may be able to accommodate some recording time for you. Again, get in touch! We are touchy people.






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